Young people need discipline, humility, patience to participate in politics – Commissioner

Kaduna State Home Affairs and Internal Security Commissioner Samuel Aruwan has called on young Nigerians to imbue discipline, humility and patience to successfully participate in politics.

He made the call during a town hall meeting organized by the Center for Justice, Development and Peace in Kaduna.

“Many young politicians are eager to make an immediate impact at the top of the political ladder, where they are guaranteed the glare and attention. They are not willing to start their journey at the lower, perhaps less glamorous levels of society,” she observed.

Speaking later, he said: “It is gratifying that recently in Kaduna we have many good examples of young politicians who, with determination and focus, are building their way from the ground up and are now beginning to emerge in the political and political spotlight. dominant. making.”

He added: “This has been possible largely because Governor Nasir el-Rufai is a strong advocate of mentoring and a firm believer in the power of youth. I can humbly attest that I am equally a product of that belief and a beneficiary of its mentorship, along with many others who have now emerged on the political scene, displaying astonishing vision, dynamism and ability, well honed and properly guided. Mentors are those giants who give us their shoulders to lean on so we can rise up and make a difference.”

He lamented that what Nigerians now face in society is the result of what he called a “chronic leadership and moral crisis, and a gap in quality mentoring.”

The commissioner lamented what he described as “abdication of responsibility, as more people prefer public games of blame and shaming than actual action for change.”

According to him: “Everyone can go online to generate attention and arouse feelings. Outrage is the new social currency. Ostentation is in fashion. We have become a nation totally devoid of the spirit of honor. People want to become heroes, so they create divisions and shift blame from one side to the other. This is not only diverting attention from our real problems, but it is weakening the fabric of our society.”

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