WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair wants to work on camera with current AEW star

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair recently revealed that she wants to work on camera with her husband and current AEW star Andrade El Idolo.

Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo began dating in 2019 before getting married in 2022. While El Idolo is currently with AEW after joining the company in 2021, Flair is a regular on WWE programming. charlotte even she referred to her husband in a promotional segment with Dominik Mysterio on an episode of SmackDown a few weeks ago. This generated rumors about the return of the former champion of the United States.

During a recent interview with ForbesThe Queen was asked about the promo and a possible reunion with the AEW star. She expressed interest in meeting with Andrade El Ídolo and stated that she wants to be on camera with him at some point.

“I hope so, yes. As long as I’m happy. I just want to be on camera with him at some point.”

Congratulations to Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo on their marriage. https://t.co/UAXSRRzKq7

Charlotte Flair waits for the right moment to meet again with Andrade El Ídolo

Since the two superstars work for different promotions, an on-screen reunion seems unlikely any time soon. But the Queen is not looking to rush things either.

During the same interview, Charlotte Flair said that she is willing to wait for the right moment to meet again with andrade the idol.

“I don’t think you can put a schedule in wrestling. I mean, look at Lita and Trish coming back how many years later. I’d like to be with him sooner rather than later, but whatever, you know, fate throws us. ”

In the photo: Charlotte Flair and Andrade declare world peace https://t.co/8SyVphIOTw

El Ídolo is currently off the All Elite Wrestling schedule due to injury. His last match for the company was the Casino Ladder Match at All Out in September of last year. Meanwhile, Flair is scheduled to defend her SmackDown Women’s Title against Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 39.

It remains to be seen how the careers of both superstars will play out and if fans will witness a monumental reunion of the wrestling power couple at some point.

Do you think we’ll get to see a Charlotte and Andrade reunion? Complain in the comments section.

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