World soccer star Samuel Eto’o issued a slavish apology after a “violent altercation” with a man at the World Cup

  • Samuel Eto’o was seen on video Tuesday attacking a man with a camera.
  • The incident took place after a FIFA World Cup match in Doha.
  • Eto’o apologized, but the man said he was filing a complaint at a Qatari police station.

World soccer star Samuel Eto’o has apologized after having what he called a “violent altercation” with a man holding a camera outside a FIFA World Cup match on Tuesday in Doha, Qatar.

“I would like to apologize for losing my temper and reacting in a way that does not correspond to my personality,” the Cameroonian football president and former player said on Twitter.

“I apologize to the public for this unfortunate incident.”

Eto’o was seen on video walking away from Stadium 974 as he posed for photos with fans after Brazil’s 4-1 win over South Korea in the round of 16 stage of the tournament.

He then appeared to react to comments made by a man holding a camera. according to ESPN. The telegraph informs that this man was an Algerian YouTube vlogger Said Mamouni.

In the La Opinión video, Eto’o’s entourage appears to contain the former FC Barcelona icon; however, he breaks free and delivers a flying knee to the man, who immediately falls to the ground.

The man regains his composure and gets back to his feet, not long after.

Watch the incident right here:

In his apology, Eto’o criticizes the Algerian fans

After apologizing in his Twitter statement, Eto’o said: “I pledge to continue to resist the relentless provocation and daily harassment of some Algerian supporters.

“In fact, since the Cameroon-Algeria match on March 29 in Blida, I have been subjected to insults and accusations of cheating without any proof.

“During this World Cup, the Cameroonian fans have been harassed and harassed by the Algerians on the same subject.

“I would like to mention that the Algerian defeat scenario was cruel but perfectly in line with the rules and ethics of our sport.”

Samuel Eto'o in the World Cup in Qatar.

Samuel Eto’o in the World Cup in Qatar.

Photo by Getty Images

The vlogger said that he is filing a complaint with the police in Qatar.

YouTube personality, named Said Mamouni, said in a video posted who is filing a complaint at a Qatari police station, according to ESPN.

“Samuel had a fight with me,” Maouni said. “He hit me, and the one who was with him pushed me. I am here to file a complaint, and he also broke my camera ”.

Mamouni added that Eto’o attacked him when he asked the 41-year-old, who remains the all-time top scorer at the Africa Cup of Nations, if he had bribed the referee in Cameroon’s game against Algeria earlier in the year. .

Cameroon won the second leg of their World Cup qualification against Algeria 2-1 in March.

Cameroon failed to make it past the group stage in Qatar, having collected just four points out of a possible nine in matches against Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia.

The World Cup concludes on December 18.

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