Woman caught trying to steal using fake pregnancy belly

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A young woman was caught allegedly trying to shoplift with a fake pregnancy belly from a popular store in Middelburg, Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Details of the incident are sketchy, however it was deduced that the security guard stopped her at the gate.

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Searching for it, it turned out that she wasn’t actually pregnant, but had instead created a fake baby bump with the intention of hiding her loot inside.

In other news,

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Controversial Kenyan televangelist and founder of the Neno Evangelism Center, Pastor Ng’ang’a has been advising his church’s parishioners what to do with their husbands’ sideline girls.

In a recent sermon, the clergyman told female members of his church not to pray that high school girls don’t die, but instead to get their own husbands.

Pastor Ng’ang’a said;

I heard you’re praying for the side girls to die now. Women like it a lot.

Instead of praying for them to die, say God bless the girl next door with their own husbands.

Ng’ang’a also added that side girls are not to be blamed, as men often make the first move.

He said;

Your husband owes you loyalty and in this case, he is the one in the wrong. Instead of praying that the girl next door dies, why not kill your husband first? If you have truly been born again then you will know that two mistakes are no good. Christians have not been called to kill.

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