Woman breaks down in tears after being thrown into a store full of supplies (+VIDEO)

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A Nigerian woman couldn’t contain her joy when a Good Samaritan set up a provision shop for her.

In a trending video, a young woman approached the woman and asked her to follow her to her friends, whom she claimed to have told about the woman’s situation.

On the way to the supposed friends, the lady asked them to stop to buy water at a grocery store, where they were informed that the owner was not there.

The lady then revealed her surprise to the old lady. She informed him that she was actually the owner of the store where they had stopped to buy water.

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According to her, she and some well-meaning Nigerians decided to buy a store, stock it with products, and gift it to the woman.

The woman, who was completely flabbergasted, became very emotional as she broke down in tears as she poured out prayers on the Good Samaritan and everyone else who contributed.

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The woman, between sobs, pointed out that never in her life had she imagined that she would have her own store.

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