Why I think it’s good that Christian Atsu didn’t marry a Ghanaian- Langabel

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Black Stars main drummer Langabel has expressed his satisfaction that christian atsu he did not marry a Ghanaian or, for that matter, a black woman.

Due to custody disputes that can occur when partners die on the African stage, the controversial sports personality hinted in an interview with TV3 that the player would be better off marrying a non-Ghanaian.

“What made me happy is that atsu he never married a black woman,” Langabel said after recounting good memories with the former soccer player.

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Because when Atsu marries a black woman, this funeral will be plagued with controversy between both sides of the families, who usually fight over property.

“As things stand now, there is no basis for such disputes because Atsu’s sister will be in charge of his estate by taking care of him,” he stressed.

Let us remember that on March 17, by Christian Atsu three children paid heartfelt tribute to their late father by expressing how much they would miss him.

Atsu, who played more than 60 times for Ghana and scored nine goals, sadly passed away in February after spending more than a week under rubble as a result of the devastating earthquake in Turkey.

Expressing his love for his father, The two sons of Atsu and daughter said that he always accepted and adored them.

They said, “We miss you, Dad. You loved us for who we were and accepted us for who we were striving to become. You always made us smile and filled us with strength.

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Your strength gave us a feeling of protection and love. Now that you are in heaven, we know that you will continue to protect us. Thanks for being our dad. We will always love and miss you. Rest well, dad.

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