“Why are your wives in my DM?”

US-based Nigerian professor Uju Anya has taken to her Twitter account to expose the African men who are always trolling her.

She said those men are homophobic and yet their wives meet her for g*y matchmaking purposes. In her words:

“These men attacking me for being g*y, saying it’s not part of African culture, let me tell you 3 things:

  1. Your wives lying in bed next to you in Africa enter my DMs EVERY DAY saying that they are g*y and are stuck in marriage to you, because family and society gave them no choice.
  2. Their African wives say that they (and many others they know like them, especially in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Nairobi) don’t miss anything I say on Twitter, but they can’t openly follow me or like my tweets, because their African husbands follow me, and they are afraid that you will see them.
  3. When I do matchmaking threads, g*y women married to African men are the LARGEST group requesting anonymous posts in order not to identify themselves publicly. They even beg me to create threads just for them to find each other. **The second largest group is married men looking for side girls.”

To all the men here spewing your violent hate and homophobia in all the comments. Maybe don’t try so hard to show the world exactly why your wives are in my DMs?



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