Why are southern movies more successful than Bollywood Hindi movies?

Do you think the same as me? Are southern movies as good as bollywood hindi movies? Now I really like watching South Indian movies. Why is it happening to me? There are so many reasons behind this here are some of them.

1. OTT Revolution

when the COVID-19 Pandemic happened, because OTT audience has a lot of choice what they had to watch and they choose South Indian cinema and people really enjoyed it a lot.

2. South Films has a good story

Each movie has a unique story that is engaging and entertaining, that’s what people want, that’s what they’re famous for.

3. They know the audience

See, there are different types of audiences, like an audience type that wants to see a commercial movie that has a high budget, crazy action, famous superstars like RRR, bahubali, pushpa o Robot 2.O movies and also substantiated stories with underrated stars and gains word of mouth fame as a “Kantara” so when you have products for all categories, your chance of success is higher.

4. More Indianness in history

South Indian movies have cultural roots and their stars too, that’s why there is more Indian feeling in these movies. On the other hand, it seems like 70% of Bollywood Hindi movies are more focused on copying western cinema, repeating history, no focus on content, silent moral attacks on Hinduism etc. (this also started to change due to the success of South Indian cinema).

5. All that matters is the audience

See, ultimately what matters is the love and appreciation of the audience and today it is with South Indian cinema so let’s see where the future is headed.

You agree with me? Do you also love to watch southern movies more than Bollywood movies? Tell me what you think in the comment box below.

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