WhatsApp will allow you to search for a message by its date in your list of chat codes

With its constant improvements brought constantly with the updates of the software de the most popular instant messaging application in the world, WhatsApp, the list of functions offered by this digital platform -which belongs to Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta, as well as to the social networks Instagram and Facebook- continues to grow.

One of these functions that will be added to the range of tools that have already made it the favorite of millions of people who use it as the main means of communication with their friends and family; Is he search for a message in the app more easily to locate a chat item much faster with just check the date of a specific message when you don’t remember the exact words it contains, but you remember when it took place.

Thus, in any portal conversation it will be easier to locate a text message, since when you open the search engine in the chat, in addition to the box to write the word to search for, a button with a calendar icon will appear above the keyboard. , which will allow you to add the filter by dateand accurately find that item in the required day, month and year.

With this tool it will be easier to locate a message in your chats. (pixabay)

This has been announced by the WaBetaInfo portal, specialized in the updates that application developers implement in the beta to test the program, where test users are dedicated to using the new capabilities of the platform before they are released massively to the rest of the public.

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The modifications appear in the beta version of tests for him operating system iOSwhere the advanced search interface is already available to some of these users of the company’s experimental tools.

Over time, new users will see changes that are still in their development phase but could soon reach the general public with a software update that officially launches the new feature.

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With this tool it will also be possible to search the chat elements from the newest to the oldest, making it easier to find a message whose content is vaguely remembered or which includes recurring words, so that the search is not endless.

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