We tested swimsuits from a brand that uses its employees as fit models, and they fit better than any other brand we’ve tested.

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  • Most swimwear companies use form-fitting models to design and make their swimwear.
  • However, helen jon Fit your swimsuits to your employees to create suits that work for more people.
  • Five members of the Insider Review team found the suits to fit well and offer great support and coverage.

Most swimwear companies use what are called “fitted models” to measure and tailor the way their suits fit on the body. A fit model generally has what are considered the “perfect” proportions for a given size. The model offers feedback on fits that could improve the fit, which means the swimsuits are literally made for the model’s body, but not so much for everyone else’s.

This is exactly why we need more brands like helen jon. Helen Jon actually measures the fit of her suits on her own employees. The company clearly understands that the exclusive use of lean models may not always be the best approach. So, they came up with a different one, and one that seems to actually work.

Five members of the Insider Reviews team put helen jon swimsuits for testing, with each tester wearing and swimming in a different suit. The five of us have different body shapes, sizes, and fit considerations, but each of us has a high standard for what makes something truly great.

Spoiler alert: we loved them. We all agreed that Helen Jon’s suits are stylish, relatively affordable, universally flattering, and exceptionally comfortable. You can read our personal reviews below, but if you’re ready to start shopping for a dependable wetsuit that she can wear for everything from lounging poolside to diving in the ocean, we recommend helen jon hands down.

Here are the 5 best Helen Jon swimsuits you can buy:

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