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Tequan Hines Ice Cream Viral Video Leak Controversy: Tequan and Asia Hines were seen laughing in the video while filming the prank in a supermarket, but viewers were furious and complained that it wasn’t funny. In a viral prank video, Tequan and Asia Hines were seen giggling and giggling in a supermarket, but viewers were furious, complaining that it wasn’t funny.

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Tequan Hines Ice Cream Video Viral Controversy

Tequan Hines and his wife Asia of Portsmouth, Virginia, came under fire online for licking ice cream out of a box and putting it back in a supermarket freezer.

The couple pulled this prank recently and uploaded a clip of it on their Instagram account. After it sparked outrageous reactions from people online, they scrapped the video.

Viral video of Tequan Hines ice cream

The video, which was being filmed by Tequan Hines, showed the couple walking down the aisle where the freezers were kept at a local supermarket.

He also encouraged Asia to open a tub of ice cream and lick the top while making sure no one was looking. Tequan Hines continued to film Asia doing as she told him before asking her to hold it over her shadow so he could test it too.

Tequan hurried his wife away fearing they would get caught as they had no intention of buying the tub in the first place and just wanted to lick the ice cream as a joke.

Tequan Hines Ice Cream Viral Video Courtesy

Once they put the tub back in the freezer, they ran out of the place while trying not to laugh.

The viral video was reposted on Twitter by @rah33m and left netizens furious. Several Twitter users to the comments section of his posts and shared their thoughts on the posts.

TikTok and Twitter Reaction to Tequan Hines Ice Cream Viral Video

However, the internet took a huge toll on the case, criticizing the Virginia couple Tequan Hines and Asia for their actions.

Although Tequan and Asia removed the video from their shared Instagram account, it was reposted on Twitter and garnered more than six million views.

It immediately sparked outrage, and netizens were disgusted by the incident. Many of them suggested that the couple should be jailed.

A Twitter user @craftylishu211 appeared to have recognized the supermarket as Walmart and mentioned the retail store in a tweet, to draw their attention to the incident.

Currently, police have not filed charges against the couple. The two have also not addressed the issue since deleting the original video from their Instagram account.

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