WATCH: Sebastian Aho gets an unfriendly assist for Brock Nelson’s goal in game five

Sebastian Aho could have a sore face for the rest of Game 5. This Carolina Hurricanes-New York Islanders series matchup delivered an unlikely and fun goal that left fans and players in awe.

Just three minutes into the second period, New York’s Pierre Engvall fired the puck into the net, but it ended up bouncing off Carolina Hurricane Sebastian Aho’s face. The puck then landed perfectly for Brock Nelson to knock into the air and into the net, giving the Islanders a 2–0 lead.

WATCH: Sebastian Aho’s face serves as the backboard for Brock Nelson’s goal that gives the New York Islanders a 2-0 second-period lead.

Pierre Engvall’s shot hits Aho in the face, allowing Brock Nelson to score into the side of the net.#islands

The moment was both hilarious and worrying, as Sebastian Aho received the puck to the face with incredible force. However, the Finnish center showed courage and resilience by quickly returning to the game with a bruised face. Aho even did a pirouette for the Hurricanes home crowd, drawing a standing ovation from the fans.

The goal itself was a beautiful thing, but the circumstances surrounding it made it all the more memorable. Brock Nelson’s quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination were impressive as he managed to launch the puck into the air and into the net.

Aho’s face acted as an unwilling help, but he took it all in stride, showing that hockey players have a great sense of humor even in the face of adversity.

The goal had a significant impact on the game as it gave the islanders a 2-0 lead in the second half. The Carolina Hurricanes would respond, with a Paul Stastny goal to cut the lead in half.

Paul Stastny cuts Carolina’s deficit to 1 with a clever redirect from Tally on Chatfield’s point shot!#LetsGoCanes

while the hurricanes I would have preferred not to have conceded a goal, the lone goal providing a moment of levity in a tense and close game.

The fact that Aho was able to get back into the game so quickly after taking a puck to the face was a testament to his toughness and determination. He proved that hockey players are made of tough stuff.

Whatever the outcome of the match, and if Aho’s involuntary assist ends in the winning side, it will be a moment long remembered.

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