[Watch] Deepti Sharma’s ‘smart’ run leaves MI’s Issy Wong in a daze at WPL 2023

Vice-captain of UP Warriorz deepti sharma showed great presence of mind in the early innings of the ongoing match against Bombay Indians (MI) on Saturday. He surprised IM hitter Issy Wong with her intelligence and dismissed her run in the latter part of the innings.

Issy Wong looked sharp as he scored 32 runs off 19 balls for the Mumbai Indians. She was batting with number 10 hitter Jintimani Kalita in the final floored by Deepti Sharma.

Wong broke a six and a four in the over. He hit the fourth ball well and tried to get two runs out of it. His partner Kalita wasn’t too interested in the second bullfight. Kalita was ready to sacrifice the wicket for her when she hit the ball from deep to bowler Deepti Sharma.

Surprisingly, Deepti did not dislodge the bails at the non-striker’s end. Instead, he flicked the ball to the forward end and hit the stumps. Issy Wong missed her mark and had to return to the arena.

You can see the video here:

Deepti Sharma executed another run in the same over

Deepti hadn’t finished by then. Later in the same over, Saika Ishaque and Jintimani Kalita attempted to steal a run after Ishaque fielded the ball into the coverage zone.

Sharma quickly picked up the ball and lobbed it towards the non-striker’s end. She hit the mark once more, with Ishaque missing her mark this time. Ishaque ran out of runs for zero. The Mumbai Indians were all out for 127, courtesy of Deepti’s two breakaways.

Sharma is currently batting up the middle for the UP Warriorz. He has scored five runs in eight innings as of this writing. Grace Harris is hitting up the middle with her.

The Warriorz need 31 runs on 29 balls to win the game.

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