VR Battle Royale Population: One is now free

Population: Onethe VR-exclusive battle royale will be free to play starting today, March 9, and Big Box VR has released a roadmap of what players can expect from the game moving forward.

New players will receive 300 Bureau Gold, while those who purchased the game before it was free to play will receive the original banana pack. That bundle is worth $80 with items that cannot be obtained in-game any other way. Listed below is everything that is included with the Banana Pack:

  • 1000 gold office
  • Business card: “Celebration”
  • Spray: “I was here”
  • Title: “Original Banana”
  • Full access to the level progression track
  • Legendary character skin “PJ Potasio”
  • Legendary “Prestige” Character Skins (4)
  • Complete set of rare pistols “Prestige” (14)

There will also be a new Sandbox map that will replace Outpost Hill. Players can also play Classic Squads on the game’s original map from the first season. Population: One is also getting a graphics upgrade, improving the look and feel of the game. Balance changes to help ensure the game is balanced correctly, a new single player mode with players facing off against bots, skill-based matchmaking, new modding tools, and more are also in the works.

Here’s what players can expect from Population: One.

In addition to all the changes, players will be able to take part in a Sandbox Battle Royale mode and a playlist that will be released on March 30. As the year progresses, players can also look forward to new weapons, map updates, and new sandbox features and modes.

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