Virgo: your horoscope for May wants you to feed your soul through travel and adventure

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The steady, steady energy of Taurus season tends to put an earth sign like you at ease, baby Virgo, so it’s no surprise that your Virgo’s horoscope for May 2023 It is opening up to new experiences. And with each new adventure you embark on, your heart will continue to expand even more.

The month begins with an open-minded sense of adventure and perhaps even a desire to try something outside of your comfort zone, especially when your ruling planet Mercury aligns with the sun in your ninth house of knowledge May 1st. Your mind is buzzing with inspiration and a desire to learn. Unfortunately, Mercury is in retrograde for the first two weeks of the month, causing distractions that could cause you to temporarily lose sight of your visions. Alright! Explore now, get back on track later.

He lunar eclipse in scorpio May 5 forces you to deal with the present moment and put some of your highest aspirations on hold. You may have a sudden urge to speak your truth, even in the midst of Mercury retrograde mess, and some surprising news or new information could emerge that changes your trajectory in a major way. Trust that the details of your long-term plans will come together soon enough.

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Inspiration starts flowing again once Mercury retrograde ends on May 14. But the magic really begins when lucky Jupiter changes signs on May 16, joining the sun and Mercury in Taurus territory. This income catalyzes a year-long journey of mind expansion, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of your best interests, Virgo. It’s a great time to book a trip to a faraway place, find a mentor, or even consider going back to school. He new moon in taurus a few days later brings an additional lunar spark to his enthusiasm, encouraging him to take a gentle leap of faith. He’s not afraid to take a risk, a calculated one, of course, as he embarks on this new era.

Motivational Mars enters your introspective twelfth house on May 20, inspiring you to conserve your energy and focus on planning rather than executing for the month ahead. But don’t oversleep, as Gemini season begins the next day, activating all kinds of professional care. This can be a great time to make a strong impression at work or start building more professional connections. However, a frustrating square between the sun and stern Saturn in Pisces It could bring tensions between work and relationships during the last week of the month. Make sure you keep your word and follow through on your commitments and you’ll be fine.

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