Video of Steph Curry’s 5 consecutive full-court shots is fake

“I knew it was fake when he made five in a row,” Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said of the video with point guard Steph Curry.

Golden State Warriors point guard Steph Curry holds many professional basketball records, including becoming the first player in NBA history to make 500 three-pointers in the postseason.

Curry is also famous for his warm-up routine, which often includes him taking long-range shots from all over the court. It might not be too hard for some Warriors fans to believe that the NBA great could make five straight shots across the court, as shown in a viral video that was shared by the Sports Illustrated Twitter account.

β€œJust finished a shoot with @stephencurry30 this guy is simply not to be missed,” Sports Illustrated wrote in its tweet sharing the video, which has nearly 30 million views and over 120,000 likes.

Some people on Twitter have questioned whether the video of Curry, who is Sports Illustrated’s 2022 Sportsman of the Year, is real or edited.


Is the viral video of Steph Curry making five full-court shots in a row real?



No, the viral video of Steph Curry making five straight shots across the court is not real.


Sports Illustrated writer Joseph Salvador acknowledged in an article published Dec. 6 that the viral video of Curry making five straight shots across the court is fake.

“Stephen Curry’s viral video of him shooting and taking five shots in a row almost the entire court has dominated online debates about whether the video was legitimate or edited,” Salvador wrote. “Unfortunately, the video is, in fact, not real.”

Raymond Ridder, the Warriors’ senior vice president of communications, said Sports Illustrated also told him the video was “not real.”

β€œI knew it was fake when he did five in a row,” Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr said of the viral video during a pregame press conference on Dec. 5. β€œI thought three in a row, you know I could do that. but not five in a row.”

β€œI think just the fact that it’s Steph made people stop and wonder if it was real. That’s all you need to know about Steph. Pretty remarkable,” she added.

In a postgame press conference the same day, Curry said it’s “a great compliment to probably be in awe of [the video] but don’t think it’s crazy that it could be real.”

“I did make two of them though, in case anyone was wondering,” he added.

Curry’s viral video was filmed by Ari Fararooy, as Sports Illustrated noted in his tweet, who helped create other edited videos featuring professional athletes. Fararooy was also credited with creating a video of NFL quarterback Tom Brady playing catch with only a football machine, which VERIFY debunked in January 2021.

Fararooy is a Los Angeles-based video director who produces “stylized work for brands, events and celebrities,” according to his website. He has worked with Brady on a handful of other projects, each with different CGI effects elements.

VERIFY reached out to Fararooy and Sports Illustrated for more information on how the video was shot and edited, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

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