Veterinarians Warn Animal Welfare Law Will Fail List of Codes


This was stated in a statement by the OCV through its member of Small Animals, María Luisa Fernández Miguel, who considers that the text of the bill that is in parliamentary process, “avoids the term animal welfare, which arises from science and that it is absolutely regulated and ensures that an animal lives well”.

The veterinary spokesperson explains that the new regulations are based on “abstract concepts, which will prevent their real application and will not allow the animals to be adequately protected.”

In this way, in an intervention on Cuatro Televisión, he explained that the term animal welfare is “absolutely regulated” and is what determines how things should be done so that an animal lives well and has its five freedoms covered”, referring to feeding. , accommodation, health, emotional well-being and the ability to express behaviors typical of the species.

In this sense, he has shown his “deep concern” because if scientific criteria are not met and a rule based on “dignity, ethics or abstract concepts” is wanted, it will not be possible to apply a “true” right “and that protects properly to the animals.

“The laws always have to be clear and based on science and the professional,” he added.

For this reason, he has affirmed that the OCV misses the fact that the legislative text does not speak of municipal veterinarians, who are a “fundamental figure”.


“In many cases we are legislating on something that we will not be able to control because we will not have a veterinary technician in the Administration, competent to apply this regulation,” he warns.

Finally, he has defended that the veterinary profession has a very “respectful” vision of animals and argues that welfare is “different” depending on the type of species and its mission, for which he affirms that companion animals with production animals .

In this sense, he regrets that the new law seeks to reinforce what has to do with animal protection and not so much what is related to animal welfare, something that he sees as “impossible to apply in practice” and that leaves veterinarians in a situation . “very complicated” when carrying out their daily work in the clinics.

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