Uzodinma has not done well to deserve re-election – Anyanwu

The Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for governor in Imo state, Senator Samuel Anyanwu, has said Governor Hope Uzodinma has not done well in her first term to merit re-election.

Anyanwu said this on Tuesday while addressing federal district and local government area coordinators and leadership of the Divine Mandate Movement (DMM) in Owerri, the state capital.

In a statement by Ikenna Onuoha, his press aide, Anyanwu said the Imo Government House requires a man of peace to secure the state and restore lost confidence in the three areas of the state.

He stated that the lives of innocent youths and citizens in the state continue to be wasted on a daily basis and said that Uzodinma has failed to guarantee the lives and property of the people of Imo.

The statement reads: “The question is; if APC has done well to deserve a second term, why has it allowed the lives of our youth and innocent citizens to continue to be wasted on a daily basis? If a government has built roads, paid salaries and pensions, and provided basic services, and still does not guarantee people’s lives and property, isn’t that government as good as nothing?

“If all our young people and innocent citizens continue to die as they please, who will circulate on the ‘good’ roads, what value will salary, pension and basic comforts have for the people? The truth of the matter is that APC has not guaranteed section 33(1) of the 1999 constitution which makes it MANDATORY for a state to protect its citizens.”

Anyanwu said the state is not safe as claimed by members of the All Progressive Congress (APC), revealing that the governor travels with an armored personnel carrier for protection.

He added: “The Governor’s action is a clear indication that his administration does not deserve a second term. It is disturbing to see the governor of the state, the head of security and the number one citizen of the state walking around with an armored personnel carrier, does this show that our state is safe? What then prescribes for ordinary citizens?

“What the state requires at this time is a man who can bring relative peace, shield the state from fear of the unknown, and inject a new commercial life that will ensure the economic boost that the APC administration in the state is incapable of providing. .

“It regrets that Imo State, which used to be the economic center of the nation where people from all walks of life come to do business and seek comfort, has become a shadow of itself, expressing concern that if the bad leadership, myopia and greed of If APC is allowed to continue, the state will be extinguished in the next five years.

“The standard-bearer of the PPD Governorate further denounced the level of bullying and violence that marred the recently concluded elections in the state, assuring that the elections on November 11, 2023 will not be as usual. I want to promise you that this vicious and inhumane APC administration will be totally demobilized when we go to the polls.

“APC and its Governor will be demobilized during the elections on November 11, 2023. PDP will tour all 305 districts in Imo state, we have shed no blood to be afraid of anyone. If APC and their governor are popular in the state why are they using Imo money to buy endorsement? The PDP will accompany the people of Imo in all decision-making once our government takes over.”

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