US: California Senate Passes Caste Ban Bill 34-1

The California Senate passed Bill #SB403, which bans caste discrimination, with a landslide 34-1 majority, making California the first US state to implement an anti-caste law .

“On behalf of all Dalit Californians and caste-oppressed people around the world, we are delighted that the California Senate has passed SB403 on the floor of the Senate,” said Equality Labs founder Thenmozhi Soundararajan.

“This is a victory rooted in years of Dalit feminist organizing, and we are only just beginning to make the state safe for our entire caste-oppressed community. We know we have a long journey ahead of us with this bill, but we have made history with this vote and we are proud to work with the California Assembly on this historic bill,” she said while her organization Equality Labs is thanking all partners in californians for caste equity.

The bill adds caste as protected categoryin state anti-discrimination laws. Dalits in the US have been increasingly calling for legislation saying they face caste bias in the US.

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