Twitch and YouTube stars Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed ​​will drop a song tomorrow

Twitch and YouTube stars Kai Cenat and Darren “IShowSpeed” have announced that they will be releasing a song together. According to them, the single will be released on April 27, 2023 at 3:00 pm EST. Since then, the news has gone viral on social media. The upcoming song is highly anticipated as both streamers have released original songs that have become huge hits among their fans.

Content creators also shared snippets of their new single on TikTok and Instagram, creating quite a stir.

“Super Fucking Big Announcement”: Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed ​​Go Live on Instagram to Announce Upcoming Song

Kai Cenat and IShowSpeed ​​have taken the streaming world by storm in recent years, reaching the highest levels of the industry. Both stars recently took to Instagram to announce that their new single is coming out soon.

Cenat promoted the announcement, saying:

“Hey, everyone get in here now. We’ve got a big, big, big, super big, super fucking big announcement, okay?”

He revealed that the song will be out on April 27, 2023, before showing off a couple of bars of rap:

“First things first, let me go ahead and tell you everything bro, okay? The song is out tomorrow bro, the Kai and Speed ​​song!”

In a TikTok clip later posted on Kai Cenat’s account, both him and IShowSpeed can be seen dancing to the official version of the song.

Here’s a clip from the TikTok uploaded to Twitter via Speedy Updates:

Fan reactions to the announcement.

Both streamers are known to have a loyal following who are naturally excited to see them collaborate on a song. Here are some general reactions to the announcement on Twitter:

@kaimafiaupdates @KaiCenat This will probably be one of Speed’s most important songs. No bigger than the world cup or a milkshake, but I think he’s in the middle of the pack. I wonder which channel they will post it on.

@Speed ​​Updates1 I mess with that I don’t understand why nobody likes it more than me

Both streamers have previous singing experience, with IShowSpeed’s World Cup Song Goes Viral during the World Cup in Qatar last year. Considering the huge fan base each of them have, it’s no surprise that the collaboration has caused such a stir online.

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