Trump’s surprise grand jury witness on Monday is Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello: Source

Surprise witness for Monday’s grand jury in the New York “secret money” investigation into Donald Trump is Giuliani Attorney Robert CostelloA source inside the defense confirmed to Insider.

A possible indictment for Trump has been on hold until Costello can testify before a Manhattan grand jury on Monday. Costello was legal counsel for Michael Cohen, a key witness for the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

Cohen told Insider that he will be available as a possible rebuttal witness.

Triumph called to his supporters to “protest” and “take back our nation” Saturday in a post on Truth Social after he predicted his own potential grand jury indictment.

The grand jury, which has between 16 and 23 members, could reach a vote by the end of the three-hour session on Monday, but that is unlikely, experts say. previously he told Insider.

This is a developing story.

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