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There are many different types of cakes that can be ordered in the new Cookie Run: Kingdom Festive Baking Event! If you need help finding out the Hedges Galorewe’ve got the recipe below so you can get a perfect 5-heart review from the Cookie who requested the cake.

The Sugar Gnomes Christmas Pastry which is a limited time event for December has just launched. You will bake various treats for the Cookies, and for every Cookie order you complete, you will earn Chocolates with Sweet and Sparkly Coins. There’s a catch though, because the cookies will make a request that can take a bit of time to figure out exactly what they’re looking for in your cake order. If you get it right, you’ll receive a 5-heart review.

Cake order galore toppings for Cookie Run: Kingdom

Each cookie will give you instructions, sometimes very specific, sometimes needing some interpretation, which is where we’ll help you, and you can easily remember your instructions by clicking the ‘Recipe’ icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Order of cakes in abundance of ingredients it is made of Sweet Choco Cream with 3 levels with 1x Candy Flower, 1x Sugar Snowflake, 1x Sugar Gnome Figurine, 1x Jellybean, 1x Yellow Bear Jelly, 1xPink Bear Jelly, 1x Choco Star, 1x Chocolate Angel, 1x Magic Lettering Pen, 1x Tart Cherry, 1x Juicy Orange, 1x Tangy Blueberry toppings and no icing.

Write Sweet Chocolate Cream
levels 3 levels
glazed no frosting
coverages 1 candy flower, 1 sugar snowflake, 1 sugar gnome figure, 1 jelly bean, 1 yellow bear jelly, 1 pink bear jelly, 1 chocolate star, 1 chocolate angel, 1 magic marker, 1 cherry tart, 1 juicy orange, 1 spicy cranberry

You can finish the cake order from Toppings Galore and then you should receive 5 hearts and a review.

More cake orders for Cookie Run: Kingdom

You can use the list below to help you figure out how to make the other cake orders. If you want to search for recipes by Cookie, you can consult our pastry guide.

That completes our guide to getting 5 hearts in Toppings Galore Cake Order in the Cookie Run Kingdom Holiday Cake Shop event! Check out the rest of our Cookie Run Kingdom Coverage.

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