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Disgraced reality star Todd Chrisley lashed out at his son Kyle’s black ex-wife, Alexus Whilby, in a racist tweet and threatening voicemail messages, reveals.

In April 2015, a year after Alexus, 31, married Todd’s son, Kyle, 32, 53, currently serving 12 years in jail for tax fraud, called his then daughter-in-law. a ‘woman in search of fame’ and a ‘woman tired of ashy skin’ in a since-deleted post on Twitter.

Two years later, Todd left Lexi several threatening voicemails, which were obtained by, in which he is heard accusing her of lying about having a $100 million trust fund, while claiming she will “get a part of him”. ‘, after she discovered that she had assisted the Georgia Department of Revenue in their investigation into her tax fraud scheme.

In a recording, Todd said he was suing Lexi to “force her to do the right thing and own up to what she’s done.” He then took her insult further away from her by telling her to call hers ‘her brothers’ and to ‘find out about that fake trust you have that has $100 million dollars in it, because I’m here to get a piece of it. ‘.

Todd Chrisley sent his black daughter-in-law Alexus Whilby (pictured with ex-husband Kyle Chrisley) a racist tweet and left threatening voicemails, can reveal

Todd, 53 (pictured in 2017) wrote that Alexus was a ‘tired ass** with ashy skin h*’ in a since-deleted tweet he shared with

“To see a grown man and a public figure, who is the grandfather of a beautiful black child, say those horrible things was shocking,” Alexus (pictured in 2022) said of Todd’s messages.

Todd criticized Alexus in a racist tirade in 2015 that was captured on a screenshot and sent to

Alexus divorced Kyle, who was arrested for aggravated assault last month, in 2018.

Now, she has spoken to exclusively about the racism she says she faced at the hands of her former father-in-law during their marriage and following her divorce from Kyle.

“To see a grown man and a public figure, who is the grandfather of a beautiful black girl, say those horrible things was shocking,” Alexus says, referring to Kyle’s half-black daughter Chloe, 10, who was adopted. by Todd and Julie in 2017. from Kyle and Chloe’s biological mother, Angela Johnson.

Alexus, who now works as an account executive while raising a three-year-old daughter, says she believes patriarch Chrisley Knows Best’s 12-year prison sentence, which began on January 17, is ‘karma’ for his past behaviour. Towards his.

“I put up with bullying comments for years in silence, but Karma took care of it so I didn’t have to,” she said.

On December 11, 2014, Todd told fans on Twitter from his username @toddchrisley: ‘Friends. Alexus Whilby tried to extort $20,000 from our family or tell the press that we are racists.

“We chose to keep the $20k and see her in court. Fans commented on the post, which is still on Twitter, with support, which included: “You’re not that racist.”

Alexus, however, insisted to that the so-called ‘extortion’ never happened and there was no trial. Instead, he says that he was helping to financially support Kyle, who was estranged from Todd at the time.

Todd threatened Alexus (pictured in 2013 with her then-husband Kyle) in a series of voice recordings obtained by In them she criticized her financial situation.

Todd and his wife Julie Chrisley, 50 (with their children Kyle, Lindsie, 33, Savannah, 25, Chase, 26, and Greyson, 16, in a season one photo) are serving a combined sentence of 19 years in prison for tax fraud.

After she spoke out to deny Todd’s allegations, the former reality star took to Twitter again to criticize Alexus in two hateful tweets posted in April 2015, which she has since deleted from her account.

This time, he addressed her in a tweet that included three other handles: @mikeymccutey1, @blairehanks, and @lukecombsmusic.

According to Alexus, with the exception of @blakehanks, they are fake accounts created by Todd, who used them to post anonymously on Twitter. The first identifier has only tweeted twice and the last one no longer exists.

The tweet read: ‘Alexus Whilby stop being dumb [you] fame woman. [You] I can’t count high enough to reach me.’ Todd wrote.

In the same thread, Todd added: ‘Bye bye tired ass wearing ashy skin. [you are] blocked now. We are bored with pity for [you].’ also exclusively obtained voice recordings in which Todd threatened Alexus after she spoke to the Georgia Department of Revenue in 2017.

“I have an email, Alexus, where you email Katie (from the Georgia Department of Revenue) telling her that if you knew they wouldn’t protect you or your other partners in crime, you never would have done this, and that I need a lawyer,’ Todd said in a recording.

‘No honey, you don’t need protection, you need a lawyer. Call your brothers and find out about that fake trust you have that has that $100 million dollars because I’m here to get a piece of it.

Todd threatened Alexus again on a separate recording.

“I want to make sure everyone knows that my lawsuit against Alexus Whilby is not a vendetta. It is about forcing her to do the right thing and recognize what she has done and that will happen through her lawyers. If she has one, yes she will pay for them.

Todd continued: “We are still awaiting a response from her attorney regarding her divorce.” And we can’t seem to get a response, so usually when people don’t respond to you it’s because they haven’t paid their lawyers. So I assume if you can’t pay a mortgage on time, you can’t pay your lawyer on time.’

‘But regardless of that, we’ll file a default against you if that’s what’s required. It’s not a vendetta. It’s about holding people accountable. It’s about holding people like Alexus Whilby and Teresa Terry accountable,” Todd concluded in the recordings.

Throughout their marriage, Alexus said that Todd did everything he could to make trouble for her and Kyle.

When she started dating Kyle in 2014, he fell out with his father and his family. She left the show during the first season, which Todd blamed on mental health issues and addiction.

Speaking to in 2014, the year she married Alexus, Kyle called Todd “toxic” and a “snake”. She also accused Todd of taking the show’s profits from her.

Todd (pictured in a court sketch during sentencing with his wife Julie) tried to convince Alexus to testify on his behalf. When he didn’t, he threatened her.

Alexus said Todd and Julie (days before they were due to be sentenced in June 2022) received a ‘light sentence’

Court documents filed in February 2017 reveal that “one of Todd’s estranged sons, Kyle, had contacted the Georgia Department of Revenue (also known as DOR) and wanted to help DOR with its collection efforts against the Chrisleys.” “.

The documents state that DOR “had a Skype call with Kyle Chrisley and his then-wife, Alexus Chrisley.” During the call, Kyle told authorities that Todd had “offshore accounts” in which he stashed money to avoid paying taxes.

A month later, in March 2017, Alexus told DOR that “Chrisley’s had a warehouse in Georgia full of furniture worth seven houses that they planned to put up for auction to remove an IRS lien from one of their properties.”

In late 2017, a Georgia judge authorized two search warrants at a warehouse owned by Todd. 21 boxes of DOR paperwork were seized, which included forged paperwork.

In 2018, Todd filed a case against Josh Waites, the DOR Police Chief. In Todd’s lawsuit, which was dismissed, he claimed Josh “aggressively pursued and prosecuted false tax evasion claims” against them.

That same year, Kyle said in a Facebook post that it was his sister Lindsie Chrisley, 33, whose mother Teresa Terry was married from 1990 to 1997, who was to blame for their parents’ conviction for turning them in.

Todd tried to pressure Alexus to testify on his behalf in his case against DOR, but Alexus refused.

Reflecting on the situation, he tells ‘Kyle changed his story in an effort to help his father. That didn’t work for him as usual. He wants so badly to be accepted by his father, but lying is not the way to do it.

As Todd pressured Alexus to testify on his behalf, she filed for divorce from Kyle. ‘During the divorce, I was the one who paid Kyle. I provided him with a free clean car while having two ongoing legal cases against me from the Chrisley family.

“Being married to Kyle taught me that it’s not the glitz and glamor that people like to flaunt on the outside that’s important. It’s about being a good person behind the scenes and being true to yourself and others,” Alexus adds.

“I walked away from a family that, at the time, seemed to have it all and a lot of people thought they were crazy. I was empowered. I know who I was then and now, and no amount of fame could make me compromise my morality.

Todd and Julie were indicted on charges including tax evasion and bank fraud in 2019. In June 2022, a jury convicted them of 10 counts of criminal tax offenses, including bank fraud, wire fraud, and tax evasion.

In November 2022, Todd was sentenced to 12 years in prison and 16 months of probation. Julie was sentenced to seven years and 16 months of probation. They began their prison sentences in January. They are currently appealing their convictions.

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