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ANDWe are in the middle of March and lovers of Word they continue to expect challenges like any other day. The most addictive game comes with its challenge number 453. Do you want to know what today’s answers are, know the solution of the day before and/or get a new batch of clues and tips to solve the word of the day? Well, once again, as we do every day, we bring you today’s Wordle. Without further ado, let’s go there. Yesterday’s answer, Monday April 3, was LETRA.

How do you play Wordle?

If the letters of the chosen word appear in a Gray background, means that they are not part of the solution, therefore they are discarded. If the letters appear in a yellow background, means they are part of the correct word, but are in the wrong place. Finally, if the letters are in a green backgroundYou have guessed both the letter and the position.

Wordle Tips Challenge 453

Synonym of iron.

As for the vowels, it does not have the ‘O’.

Contains the consonant ‘c.‘.

There is no neither ‘S’ nor ‘R’.

Solution Wordle Challenge 453

Today’s word, Tuesday April 4, is LEAF.

Wordle follows tildes mode

Related to him pig.

Starts with ‘L‘.

None the letter is repeated.

The tilde is in the second vocal.

Solution Wordle tildes mode

today’s word is SUCKER.

Wordle Science Tips

TO the vowel is repeated.

There is no neither ‘P’ nor ‘R’.

Begin with ‘TO’.

A kind of tumor.

Wordle’s Scientific Solution

today’s word is ANGIOMA. According to the game’s own definition, it is a “tumor of variable size, generally congenital, formed by the accumulation of erectile and sometimes pulsatile vessels; hemangioma”.

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