TikTokers say ‘Barbie’ changed their perspective on ‘aging’ viral filter

  • Warning: there are spoilers for “Barbie”.
  • Many TikTokers had negative experiences using the “aged” filter that went viral on the app.
  • But some users said their perspective changed after watching Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie.”

The movie “Barbie” is making some TikTokers see themselves in a new light.

Earlier this month, the “aged” filter, designed to show people what they’ll look like when they get older, went viral on TikTok. Users have posted more than 16 million videos using the filter as of Tuesday.

Lots of TikTokers, including celebrities like Kylie Jennerhad negative reactions to seeing their faces wrinkled or droopy, which highlights the complex feelings people have about aging, such as Insider’s Aimee Percy reported.

But some users said their perspective on the filter changed after seeing Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie.”

In the movie, he had the the biggest opening weekend for a female director in historyBarbie, played by Margot Robbie, must go to the real world after she begins to malfunction by developing cellulite and having thoughts of death in Barbie Land.

barbie movie trailer margot robbie crying

Barbie’s reaction to mortality is joyful.

Warner Bros.

During his time in the real world, there is a scene where a crying Barbie he notices that an old woman, played by costume designer Ann Roth, is sitting on a bench. After looking at her, Barbie says, “You’re so beautiful,” and the woman replies, “I know!”

He the scene is both touching and playfulas Barbie finds herself in love with mortality instead of fearing it.

Some TikTokers decided to retest the “aged” filter after seeing the scene, considering Barbie’s appreciation and the older woman’s confidence.

“Reviewing this filter after seeing Barbie, thinking about the ‘you’re so beautiful’ scene and realizing this face isn’t so bad after all,” user @sav.sun wrote about her. videowhich had over 1 million views on Monday.

“We should be kinder to our older faces girls,” he captioned the video.

User @planet.milo wrote, “I found a new appreciation for this filter after watching the Barbie movie,” on his videoadding that “aging is a privilege” in her caption.

And @hazelgilbert13 said that watching the movie made him want to do the filter “right” on your videowhich shows her smiling and laughing.

“After seeing that Barbie scene, I remembered my original reaction to this filter and decided I would do it right,” she wrote in the video, which had nearly 500,000 views on Tuesday. “She looks beautiful. She looks like she lived and loved. She looks like she bakes everyone cookies.”

Gerwig described the scene between Barbie and the older woman as the “heart of the movie” in an interview with Rolling Stone – although she said it was almost cut of the production

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