TikTokers are split on the $4,450 price tag on Chanel’s Formula 1 jerseys

  • Chanel’s Formula 1-themed embroidered shirts are going viral on social media.
  • They are part of the latest Cruise 2022/23 collection of the F1-inspired brand.
  • Each fancy shirt will set you back $4,450, according to Highsnobiety.

Luxury items go viral on social media from time to time, usually with people being shocked by the exorbitant prices.

In 2017, people were collectively losing their minds over Prada $185 clipboard. Last year, the internet was baffled when Balenciaga’s well-worn sneakers were being sold for almost $2,000.

More recently, a four-figure Chanel Formula 1 jersey is the talk of the town. And you have the internet divided.

Launched as part of the latest from the brand. Cruise Collection 2022/23, F1-themed beaded embroidered t-shirts come in two designs. Each T-shirt of any of the designs costs $4,450, per haughtiness.

The price of the T-shirts was not listed anywhere on the official Chanel website, although a Tik Tok Video showing the price tag of the shirt, the cost before taxes is shown.

In the video, the influencer zozo is shown in the store after receiving advice on the new jersey, “My sales associate at Chanel called me and said he had a surprise for me, so I had to run. It was the sold-out Formula 1 jersey.”

She continues, showing off the shirt and asking her followers to help her decide if it would be a good buy: “I need you to help me decide if I should buy it or not.”

With over 700 comments, most Zozo viewers didn’t think it was worth the price. Zozo’s responses implied that she felt the same way.

In the meantime, some are itching to get their hands on their own luxury cotton T-shirt.

tik tok star white cupcake published a video of herself on the platform in the viral luxury t-shirt, garnering over 2.3 million views as of June 5.

The model-turned-TikToker is known for her fashion reviews and viral videos. luxury recycling projects. White has 4.2 million followers on TikTok as of June 5.

“Wearing my jeans and a T-shirt, but it’s not just any T-shirt, it’s the F1 T-shirt from Chanel’s 22/23 cruise collection,” the video’s caption read. She goes on to point out that even though it’s just a t-shirt, instead of a designer bag, a bag wouldn’t have German auto racer Sebastian Vettel on it.

And the comments section was full of envy.

“I would sell my kidney for that shirt,” read one of the most liked comments on the TikTok video. “jealousy is strong jealousy,” said another.

Many people have taken to various social media platforms to express their rampant desire for the jersey, with some agonizing over the high price tag.

“Girls don’t want a boyfriend. Girls want the Chanel F1 T-shirt!” to cheep read. “The Chanel F1 jersey is a must but at $5k” tweeted other.

The Chanel Cruise 2022/23 collection is currently only available in boutiques, so Chanel official website.

Insider has reached out to Chanel for comment.

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