Tiger Woods’ ex says he forced her to sign an NDA during their relationship. She is now asking a court to dismiss her based on the laws that apply to sexual harassment or assault cases.

  • Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend is taking him to court over a confidentiality agreement she says he made her sign.
  • Erica Herman cited the Speak Out Act in her lawsuit, which prohibits the application of NDAs in sexual assault cases.
  • She is asking the court to determine whether or not the NDA is enforceable.

Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend Erica Herman claims the golf superstar forced her to sign a non-disclosure agreement during their long-term relationship and is now taking it to court in an attempt to have it overturned, citing laws that apply to cases of sexual harassment or assault.

Herman filed a lawsuit against Woods in Martin County Florida Court on Monday, alleging that Woods made her sign an NDA in 2017, during a period of time when she worked for him.

He now claims that the NDA is void, arguing that it should be released by the Speak Out Act, a congressional bill enacted in December 2022 that prohibits the application of the NDAs in cases of sexual harassment or assault.

“Plaintiff believes that the Woods NDA is invalid and unenforceable,” Herman’s lawsuit says, adding that the “uncertainty” of whether it is enforceable “is acute and important,” the lawsuit states.

Herman claims the NDA is unenforceable, while Woods claims it is.

According to the complaint, Herman is unclear about what he can talk about, including “various legal claims that he believes he has.”

Herman is asking the court to determine the applicability of the NDA.

If it is enforceable, you have asked the court to set clear guidelines about what you can and cannot disclose. If not, you want to see if a court will find it unenforceable under the Speak Out Act.

Tiger Woods and his girlfriend Erica Herman watch the 2017 Presidents Cup.

Tiger Woods and Erica Herman watch the 2017 Presidents Cup.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Herman and Woods’ relationship first became public in 2017, when appeared with Woods at the Presidents Cupwhere Woods was serving as an assistant captain for Team USA. Herman had worked as a general manager at Woods’ restaurant in Jupiter, Florida.

In the following years, Herman was a constant presence at Woods’s side during many of his public appearances.

Herman celebrated with Woods just off the 18th green at Augusta National after won the Masters 2019and also helped Woods recover after his car accident in early 2021.

It is not clear when the couple separated.

Woods last competed on the PGA Tour at the 2023 Genesis Invitational in February, a tournament he hosts. Herman did not appear to be present at the event.

This isn’t the first time Woods has had an ex-girlfriend’s NDA in court. In 2018, TMZ reported that Woods’ ex, Kristin Smith, whom Woods had dated prior to his relationship with Herman, had gone to arbitration over a confidentiality agreement.

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