This ultra-stylish bag from Dagne Dover put an end to my years of searching for the perfect work bag – here’s what makes it so cool

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Until recently, I often found myself lugging my laptop to and from the office, not wanting to part with important files or programs I might need off-site. That, in turn, led me to carry two bags instead of one, because my everyday bag wasn’t big enough to fit my 13″ MacBook Air.

But I got pretty tired of doing the double shoulder work. I really liked the look of my bag, but it wasn’t the most practical option for my day-to-day needs. So I started looking for work bags with roomy interiors and lots of compartments.

Dagne Dover Founder and CEO Melissa Mash summed up my feelings about the bag best: “It’s not good enough to be ‘arm candy’ anymore. Today we expect services and products that we use are multitasking, data-driven, and working harder,” Mash told Insider. “Dagne Dover is the only brand in the handbag market that does this while remaining classy and organized.”

I need a job board that works for me, not against me. And like the rest of Dagne Dover’s customer base, I lead a fast-paced, on-the-go life and expect functional products that can adapt to my needs and perform beyond expectations. I want a product that fuses style with function for the caliber of an athlete. The company’s Classic Tote does it, and then some.

Outside, I have a durable, stylish, and work-appropriate leather bag. But, as with many things, it’s the inside that counts.


Dagne Dover’s signature tote bag comes in two workable sizes: Legend ($265) and Classic ($245). The classic is shown here.

dagne dover

Some of Dagne Dover’s most popular features built into the bags, like the water bottle holder, padded laptop compartment, and key strap that makes it easy to find your keys, are also some of my favorites.

“It really is a game changer when you can trust that your laptop is safe, your keys aren’t on the counter at home, and your water bottle is upright and your phone isn’t leaking,” Mash said. As someone who certainly hates carrying his laptop in a reusable shopping bag, and who occasionally forgets his house keys on his dresser, he couldn’t agree more.

Practicality and versatility are key when it comes to your work bag; great style is the cherry on top of everything else that Dagne Dover has to offer.

The bottom line

Dagne Dover’s Classic Tote is $255 and comes with a ton of features that make it great for work and easy to keep organized. It looks good, too. I paid $400 for my old work bag, and while it was very nice, it wasn’t half as useful for my day-to-day life. If you’re someone who invests in their portfolios and have had trouble finding a job board that has everything you want, I can’t recommend Dagne Dover highly enough – it ticks all the boxes.

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