This $15 bundle includes 8 female-led games: Control, Hellblade, and more

New from Humble Bundle Heroines Pack: Warriors, Dreamers and God Slayers offers 8 PC games starting at just $15, with a portion of all purchases donated to the Girls Who Code charity and the Girls Who Make Games scholarship fund.

As you can probably guess from the title of the pack, each game stars a woman as the main playable character, like the supernatural action-adventure. Control and the Shadow of the Colossus-inspired prayer for the gods .

The pack also features several adventure games, including the latest entry in the long-running Syberia series, Siberia: the world before, the science fiction exploration game Saber, and the narrative-focused first-person adventure Call of the Sea There are also fast-paced action games like Batora: Lost Refuge and dream landscaper

For those who want a story-rich experience, there is Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, which follows a Viking warrior on a journey to the underworld to save his lover’s soul. The game was praised by critics for its rich visuals, powerful storytelling, immersive audio, and countless accessibility features that make its real-time battles more accessible to all players.

All eight games are included for the base price of $15, but Humble suggests a $25 donation, and you can pledge even more if you want to send more money to the publishers and charities this bundle supports.

Humble Heroines Pack: Warriors, Dreamers and God Slayers

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