They want to drag Peter Obi into every controversy: aide clamors for ‘Serious leaders don’t rest’ statement

The press adviser to the presidential candidate of the Labor Party (LP), Pedro ObiValentine Obienyem has discredited a statement credited to his director as saying that “serious leaders don’t rest”.

According to Obienyem, Obi never said such a thing, and those who spread the alleged statement are just trying to drag him into all the controversies and distract him from the mission of saving Nigeria.

Naija News understands that the LP presidential candidate had visited the Muslim community in Anambra State to celebrate Eid-el-Fitr with them.

Reporters asked him why he didn’t take time to rest.

According to Obienyem in a statement on Tuesday, Obi’s response was: “Well, those who need to rest must rest. Those of us who do not need to rest must continue working”.

However, he said that Obi’s statement was misinterpreted by some sections of the media who reported him as saying that “no serious leader will go to rest”.

“For me, politics is not about the office; it is about helping to achieve a better society. If you are in politics because of your position, it is wrong. Politics is about the good of society. While I’m leaving here, I’m going to the hospital to support the people in the hospital. That’s what politics is about.” Obienyem quoted Obi as saying.

“Well, those who need to rest must rest. Those of us who do not need to rest must continue working”, Obi added.

Although he blamed some media outlets for misrepresenting Obi’s statement, Obienyem claimed that the interpretation was part of the ploy to ensure that “The former governor of Anambra State is dragged into every controversy to divert attention away from the issue and the mission to rescue Nigeria.”

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