The ‘Yellowjackets’ showrunner addresses the show’s biggest mystery, explaining that the show’s creepy ‘man with no eyes’ can be seen as ‘death incarnate’

  • Warning: There are spoilers ahead for “Yellowjackets.”
  • During a PaleyFest panel for the Showtime series, a fan asked about the mysterious “man with no eyes.”
  • Showrunner Ashley Lyle said you can see him as “death incarnate,” adding that he represents “the unknown.”

He “yellow jacketsThe showrunners finally opened up about one of the show’s biggest mysteries: the man with no eyes.

During a Monday night PaleyFest panel made up of the series’ three showrunners and a dozen other cast members, a fan asked if there was anything the group could share about the creepy character that Taissa (Tawny Cypress) briefly sees in a mirror in the third episode of the show, “The Dollhouse.”

Yellowjackets 103, man without eyes

The first appearance of “the man with no eyes” in “Yellowjackets”.

Show time

After a rousing murmur of anticipation from the Dolby Theater crowd, showrunner and executive producer Bart Nickerson said, “Absolutely not, next question,” drawing laughter from fans.

Not accepting that answer, Cypress unexpectedly rose from her chair onstage and said, “We all want to know.”

After 10 seconds of applause from the crowd, the showrunners relented and talked about the mystery character, played by Brahm Taylor, for the next two and a half minutes.

Yellowjackets PaleyFest Panel

The “Yellowjackets” panel at PaleyFest.

Kirsten Acuna/Insider

The hit series, currently in its second season and recently renewed for a third, follows a women’s soccer team whose plane crashes in the wild with no rescue in sight, and the aftermath 25 years later for those who survived the ensuing chaos as the group He was trying to make his way back home.

The “man with no eyes” most notably appeared in the show’s third episode of its first season when Tai’s grandmother was dying. However, he also appeared briefly during a speech Taissa gave later in the first season, appearing among a group of journalists.

It’s much easier to catch the man with no eyes weekly on the show. title sequence in the woods.

yellowjackets eyeless man

The mysterious “man with no eyes” is seen in the title sequence of Showtime’s “Yellowjackets.”

Show time

Coshowrunner and executive producer Ashley Lyle chimed in to give insight into the creepy nightmare fuel man that may be plaguing some fans’ dreams.

“All I’m going to say about the man with no eyes is that we see in the first season that Tai has lived as this person who bases his life on pragmatism,” Lyle said. “Personally I think she would define herself as an atheist, if not, an agnostic.”

“And yet, as a little girl, she had this incredibly informative and traumatic experience when her grandmother, who she was very close to, was near death and she had this kind of terrifying moment where she was anticipating, you know, transitioning to the next life and waiting for some sort of angels and trumpets and instead had a terrifying vision,” Lyle continued, referring to how Tai sees a glimpse of the man in a mirror.

Lyle said the figure’s inclusion was not random, adding that he has done a lot of research on the visions people have in their final moments.

“I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of things like near-death experiences and there are a lot of threads about hospice nurses and what people do in their last moments. And I’ve lost a lot of sleep over it because it’s such an experience. It’s not uncommon for people to see something…unsettling,” Lyle said.

"yellow jackets" showrunners and executive producers Jonathan Lisco, Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson at PaleyFest 2023

“Yellowjackets” showrunners and executive producers Jonathan Lisco, Ashley Lyle, Bart Nickerson.

Kirsten Acuna/Insider

“So, I think for Taissa, who’s not in touch with her spiritual self and she’s not in touch with her ability to believe or her faith, there’s this kind of symbolic character of, you know, you could look at it as death incarnate,” Lyle said about the man.

At that point, Cypress chimed in to say that this is how she sees the Eyeless Man, too, adding that he “has been removed from the scenes,” implying that fans were supposed to see more of the character.

When it comes to the mysterious nameless character, Lyle pared it down to two words.

“I think what she represents is ‘the unknown,’ and the unknown is something that Taissa is very uncomfortable with as a character,” Lyle said. “And we’ll dig deeper into that.”

“You will regret this day,” Nickerson added.

Currently in its second season, new episodes of “Yellowjackets” air on Showtime every Friday at 9 pm ET.

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