The Xs and Os with Greg Cosell: The best scheme for 2023 NFL rookies

(Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports)

Greg: “It’s really interesting, because the Giants, for most of the 2022 season, were at the top of the league playing Cover-1, which is one-top safety man coverage. And that’s a Wink Martindale staple. However, as the year went on, as you started going into weeks 13, 14, 15, they started playing less Cover-1 and a lot more zone. And I’m sure that’s because he felt that he just didn’t have the people to do it at the level that was needed to be successful.

“But that’s what he wants to do: he wants to push, and he wants to play coverage with the man behind it. And Deonte Banks, to me, was the second-best cornerback prospect in this draft class. [behind Oregon’s Christian Gonzalez]and this guy is a cornerback in charge of the press”.


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