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“The importance of a wellness plan” was the title that convened the first masterclass that TherapyChat held together with the Human Resources Forum in a session that included the reflections of Isabel Aranda, occupational psychologist and CCO of TherapyChat.

At a difficult time for society, partly due to the covid, and the news that we are experiencing at an economic, social and all levels, according to Aranda, an occupational psychologist, “it supposes a fragile, non-linear and insecure environment” that increases stress and wear on people due to the post-traumatic stage caused by the pandemic.

wellness plans

Therefore, given these elements that reflect what society lives, it is necessary to carry out welfare plans to care for workers. “A few years ago we talked about health habits… now the word is well-being and nothing else is talked about in people management forums.” Lor stating that welfare plans “These are strategic actions that the company devises to provide workers with physical, emotional, economic, and labor stability that involve training workers and giving support measures so that they have the psychological security that they will be fine and can trust the company”added the Director of Content.

However, even if there is a wellness plan established and programmed for the organization, it should not be forgotten that for there to be healthy wellness, there must first be a “friendly leadership” based on the trust of the collaborators and the work they do regardless of whether they are present or not. According to the psychologist, she explained at the meeting that there are measures “around relationships between equals” and it has been seen that “all teleworking measures need social support”in addition to having to take care of the individual aspect.

Facing the technological future, Isabel Aranda assured that people must be taught to live with a digital environment where, today, there is so much information that it is difficult to assimilate. What causes cognitive wear in people.

On the other hand, referring to a study carried out by Deloitte, the psychologist explained that if wellness plans are implemented, they lead to a reduction in “6% less absenteeism, 9% more commitment, 60% more attraction for Z generations. There are figures that tell us that wellness plans are being effective because they mean quality of life.”

Do healthy company certifications have an impact on attracting talent?

Then, answering the next question, Aranda affirmed that the younger generations look for and ask under what conditions they will win and if there is the possibility of teleworking, health insurance or other elements that improve the quality of life at work.

On how well-being and talent (employer branding) have become, in the organizations themselves to retain and attract talent, for his part, he stated the following: “Wellness plans have to be as personalized as possible. Now people try to cover all of Maslow’s needs with work, we want the answers now and we demand that companies give them to us from the beginning.

Finally, Isabel Aranda, psychologist and CCO of TherapyChat, ended her presentation by pointing out that what worries her the most is the enormous imbalance that exists in SMEs when it comes to developing wellness plans in a country like Spain where SMEs represent 98%. of the population. business tissue. “We must make an effort to bring this idea to SMEs” , concluded.

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