The “Wednesday” character you are, according to your zodiac sign

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snap snap! If you’re not binge-watching Tim Burton Wednesday on Netflix, it’s never too late to start. Otherwise how else would you know which Wednesday the character looks like your zodiac sign? Based on the hair-raising and wildly wacky comedy, the addams family it’s the *literal* antithesis of the white-picked American home. Everything from Gomez and Morticia’s gothic romance to Wednesday and Pugsley’s rare fascination with dynamite is a perfect description (fictionally speaking) of what it means to be unapologetically true to yourself.

The 1991 supernatural black comedy film was my personal favorite growing up and the fact that the legendary Wednesday Addams is returning to the big screen is good news for everyone. portrayed by Jenna OrtegaThis delightfully detective series is packed with action with hysterical quirks and unforgettable moments like Wednesday’s iconic (now viral) “Goo Goo Muck” dance sequence, and wild plot twists you never would have imagined. Calling all outcasts! In case you haven’t heard the news, Nevermore Academy is accepting applications—werewolves, vampires, mermaids, gorgons…you know, the usual.

The queen of our *black* hearts is off to high school, so follow me as we take a trip to the small town of Jericho, where we’ll stroll through the very cryptic hallways of Nevermore Academy, home to renowned alumni Edgar Allan Poe and the stunning Addams matriarch. Norms are not allowed.

the Wednesday Character that matches your zodiac sign

Bianca Barclay in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

In addition to being the beloved leader of the Nightshade Society, you are also the “queen bee” of Nevermore. It’s hard to be humble when you’re the valedictorian of your class and the reigning champion of the Poe Cup. Though, when you’re not slaughtering your victims and classmates with your dazzling swordsmanship, you’re meddling with the thoughts and feelings from your lover… you know, in case there’s any “real competition”.

Morticia Addams in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Despite the polarizing effects of your gothic glamour, your beauty is out of this world. You are a member of Nevermore Academy and an OG member of the Nightshades Society, but your role as a mother and devoted wife takes precedence. In other words, mortifying Wednesday with your unapologetic public displays of affection for Gomez is part of your love language, and you’re committed.

Marilyn Thornhill in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

You may not be normal enough for normies, or weird enough for outcasts, but you’re still a mastermind. You walk the line between both worlds and somehow manage to be incredibly discreet in the process. A walking plethora of wisdom and fun facts, your colorful wardrobe and sweet disposition are simply part of your plan for revenge. Your secret duality makes your character even more fascinating.

Larissa Weems in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

It takes a great deal of compassion to dedicate your entire world to the students and faculty at Nevermore. Morticia Addams’ former roommate and a talented shapeshifter, as the director, you are passionate about maintaining a sanctuary for the outcast. And though her hard shell is misunderstood more than often, she has never stopped him from protecting her school’s reputation.

Enid Sinclair in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

“This kitty has claws and I’m not afraid to use them.” Despite being a latecomer to your werewolf pack, your colorful and cheerful personality makes you stand out more than you think. You’re Nevermore’s gossip column, and your happy-go-lucky disposition is so contagious it hurts (literally). maybe a little also sunny for a wednesday taste, but not for long.

Thing on Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Mischievous, fickle, and a devoted servant of the Addams Family, your pristine services are as formidable as your ability to use lightning-fast sign language. You are not just a helping hand, but a beloved family member who never fails to show up at the right time. When he’s not reaching for and lighting Gomez’s cigars, he’s keeping a close watch through the black Wednesday backpack.

Gomez Addams in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Your undying love for Morticia Addams may have started at Nevermore Academy, but your heady, sweltering romance is still going strong. And while many still wonder about that night at the Raven Ball, when you took the gun and blamed it on your beloved Tish, there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for love.

Tyler Hyde Gaplin in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Transformation is your greatest superpower and you are still learning to master your dark side. In addition to the pressures that come with being the son of a sheriff, you also tend to repress the harsher aspects of your early experiences. You are the typical boy next door, or so we think. Let Wednesday solve this enigma… and well, the espresso machine, of course.

Eugene Ottinger in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

You are the knees of the bee, and I don’t mean just your fascination with the ancient art of beekeeping. A quirkier version of Wednesday’s little brother, you’re always up for an adventure, even if it means exploring the monster’s cave yourself. Also, your love for Enid Sinclair may be one-sided, but your relentless optimism makes it even more possible.

Lurch on Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

You are certainly loyal to your work and your employers, which makes you one of the Addams. And while you’re not the most enthusiastic butler, there’s a lot more to your gloomy demeanor than meets the eye. Your above average height and Frankenstein moans speak for themselves, literally.

Wednesday Addams on Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Though you stand your ground when you say, “social media is a mindless, soul-sucking vacuum of affirmation,” your unique eccentricities stand out among your classmates at Nevermore Academy, making you a complete *MOOD* for your bill. Shocking and spontaneous, her psychic visions rock her world, resembling that of her ruling planet Uranus. And while using your teammates as props to catch Hyde seems selfish, you’ll stop at nothing to see the truth.

Xavier Thorpe in Wednesday on Netflix

Photo: Netflix

Slightly moody with a charismatic aura, everything from his artistic gifts to his precognitive dreaming abilities adds to his mystery and magnetic appeal. You can’t deny your emotions when you have feelings for someone, even if it means having to secretly escape through artwork and visuals that resemble your love interest. You make everything come alive in any way.

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