The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition has performance issues on all platforms

The newest version of the outer worlds, dubbed The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition, just released on Steam, Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, but despite promises of better graphics and performance, the game seems to run worse than ever. The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition now has mostly negative reviews on Steam due to poor performance, and the console versions seem to have the same issues.

Seen by pc gamerThe Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition has a ton of negative reviews on Steam, most of which seem to be about the game’s performance. a negative review says “3080 ti… 35fps… what a joke! So much for better performance.” Complaints about poor performance are echoed by other reviews, with most reviews advising players to pick up the original version of the game.

Playing now: The Outer Worlds: Spacer’s Choice Edition – Overview Trailer

The situation does not seem to be better on console either, with posts on the Xbox Series X|S subreddit it also complains of minimal graphical improvements and significantly worse performance. The same problems were mentioned in the PS5 Subredditso it doesn’t seem like either version of the game works as it should.

In addition to the poor updates in this new version of the game, fans are also not happy that this update is not free for people who already have the game. Instead, anyone who owns the original The Outer Worlds and both DLC packs can pay $10 to upgrade to the new version. If you don’t own the DLC, you’ll need to pick up this new version for a full $60, though it’s slightly discounted for the first two weeks it’s available.

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