The Nun 2 reveals the first details of Valak’s return

The first footage of The Nun 2 debuted at CinemaCon this week, and while the sneak peek hasn’t been made available to the public, convention attendees described the debut footage. The movie sees Taissa Farmiga returning as Sister Irene, to take on Bonnie Aarons as The Nun, aka the demon Valak. Euphoria’s Storm Reid will also join the cast in his debut in the Conjuring universe.

According to a description of the trailer for film cut, begins with a group of girls playing a game called “Defy the Devil” in a creepy abandoned church. The footage shows a statue hidden under a sheet slowly moving its head, which initially goes unnoticed by the girls. As part of their game, they challenge each other to find the devil in the form of a monstrous goat in the stained glass windows of the church. It turns out that there is a goat depicted in the window, and her eyes glow red when the nun appears behind one of the girls. She tries to run, but is trapped in the church as the statue begins to move again, the sheet slowly falling off to the sound of the girl’s screams.

The trailer takes us back to Sister Irene after this cold open. A priest asks for his help in dealing with the demon nun Valak, who has returned to the world to wreak havoc. After a montage of what is described as “religious horror imagery”, the trailer ends with a brief scene of two girls exploring a crawl space, where they encounter a creepy woman turned away. The woman grabs one of the girl’s faces in a final scare.

Stars Taissa Farmiga and Storm Reid also spoke about their experience making the film after the footage was released. They revealed that the movie was filmed in an actual abandoned church in France, and Farmiga said that she was scared by the location and that she needed an escort to walk the property.

Farmiga also hinted that The Nun 2 will further expand on the lore of the Conjuring universe, while journalists who saw the CinemaCon preview said that the sequel appears to have a much greater scope than its predecessor.

While The Nun was one of the worst reviewed films in the Conjuring universe, it was still a commercial success, and the titular nun also cemented her status as an iconic horror antagonist. The sequel will be directed by The Devil Made Me Do It director Michael Chaves and written by M3GAN writer Akela Cooper.

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