The materials used by Pandora –

héroe perla de agua dulcejeweler’s with the inclusion of Gold. This is the best way to strengthen gold and achieve the perfect 14 karat yellow and rose gold.

Once again, the sterling silver used by Pandora is also alloyed. This is standard practice when working with pure silver, to be classified as sterling silver the alloy must contain at least 92.5% pure silver. This is why Pandora’s hallmark is 925 or S925.

In addition to the different types of Gold and Sterling Silver, Pandora uses a selection of stones within its jewelry pieces. This can range from artificial stones, synthetic stones, natural stones, and diamonds. The artificial stones that Pandora uses can range from cubic zirconia, artificial nanocrystals, and even lacquered artificial pearls.

Less than 1% of Pandora’s stones are mined, which means that the use of natural stones is very rare in Pandora, but on rare occasions they may appear in some pieces of your jewelry. Most of the time, the stones used by Pandora will be lab-grown, whether they are synthetic rubies, artificial cubic zirconia, or even lab-grown diamonds.

Other types of materials are also found within many Pandora collections, such as glass that has been used to make stunning charms for their charm bracelets. Beautiful mother-of-pearl or even freshwater pearls, leather and textiles to create different styles of bracelets or necklaces or enamel to add color and detail to many different aspects of your jewelry.

Pandora prides itself on the quality of the materials it uses to create its stunning jewelry pieces and is continually looking for ways to provide a more sustainable way to create those pieces. With her big ambitions, she will surely conquer the sustainable jewelry industry.

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