“The fans have every right to do it”: Juninho supports the decision of the PSG fans to boo Lionel Messi

Lyon legend and current sporting director of the club, Juninho, has backed PSG fans’ decision to boo Lionel Messi. He believes that the Argentine did not perform in the Champions League like any other player and should not be exempt from booing.

PSG fans are furious with the players after another exit from the UEFA Champions League. The Ligue 1 team was beaten 3-0 by Bayern Munich in the round of 16 and now waits another year to clinch the European trophy.

Speaking in RMC SportJuninho stated that he would not be surprised if Messi was booed by the PSG fans. He said:

“Even though he’s Messi, he’s still a human being. In the fans’ minds, the last game he’s in is against Bayern and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they booed him. We play, we’re well paid.” We do a job that we really like… but in the end it’s for the fans that we do everything. Even if it’s Messi and even though he’s scored 35 goals this season, it’s normal for them to boo him, the fans have every right to do so.”

Lionel Messi deserves boos, says former PSG star

Former PSG winger Jerome Rothen has claimed that Lionel Messi deserves to be booed by the fans. He has urged the ultras to target the Argentine star and does not believe that excuses should be made.

Speaking in RMC SportRotten said:

“Whether it’s Lionel Messi or another player, he can be whistled at. Should we refrain from whistling because it’s Messi? Why? Because his name is Messi? Whether you care or not, whether you’re good or not.” Whether you’re interested or not, is the supporter there just to open their mouths and clap?


“The fans shouldn’t say anything? Do they buy popcorn, eat hamburgers, drink their soda and it doesn’t matter? Of course Lionel Messi can be whistled at, he’s a player like any other. Otherwise, we have to do something else” . look for another sport. There will be fewer fans behind him, like me, and many who are still dissatisfied since he signed for PSG.”

psg face Rennes in a Ligue1 whiplash at the Parc des Princes on Sunday (March 19).

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