The bride reportedly dies moments after her wedding ceremony.

A girlfriend allegedly died moments after embracing her. wedding ceremony with her husband.

It was deduced that the wedding had taken place on April 29. The bride is said to have complained of stomach pains immediately after the reception.

The bride reportedly dies moments after her wedding ceremony.

The pain reportedly worsened and she was rushed to hospital, where she was found to have internal bleeding.

She was operated on but unfortunately she did not survive the surgical procedure.

A report from a Tweep says:

“This lady wedding took place in Lokoja on April 29. It was said that she was complaining of stomach pains since the reception, and they gave her coke to drink when she said she hadn’t eaten all day, the pain persisted when she returned to her parents’ house while receiving prayers/blessings from her parents . her before taking her to her husband’s house as required by tradition.

Finally, she was rushed to a private hospital and the doctor on duty gave her an injection of diclofenac.

The situation worsened and she was referred to a federal medical center where she was diagnosed with internal bleeding and needed an urgent operation.
This beautiful young woman did not survive after the operation.

What a sad day for the parents and the groom. God help us ????”



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