The best exercise to be in shape almost without realizing it, is not a Code List exercise

Which is the best exercise to stay fit according to your experience? It can be going for a run, lifting weights, swimming, playing soccer… There is always something interesting to do, but of course, it takes time and enthusiasm. Now what if there was habits that we can include in our day to day and that help burn much more calories?

If you have ever been recommended that work a few hours on your feet Instead of sitting down if you are usually in the office, and you had not followed the advice out of laziness, you will surely think about changing your mind. And it turns out that the difference in calorie burn between standing and sitting is quite significant.

For example, Healthline magazine produced a table with the differences for an adult male of 1.75m tall approximately if it were 8 hours sitting or 4 hours standing and the rest in the chair. if it weighed something 80 kiloswould burn 674 calories if it did not move, but If you were on your feet for 4 hours, would you go to burn 1,027.

This is because, according to experts, when standing, even if we are not actively walking or exercising, the body must put working many more muscles, to be able to hold on as is logical. And that job involves spend more energy although you may not notice it as much.

Does this mean that it is not necessary then to play sports? No, go for a walk, go to the gym or do something Physical activity is fundamental to take care of ourselves, build muscles and be healthier as well as clear our minds and eliminate stress after a hard day.

In the end, the best exercise to be in shape is the one that makes us move the body, and although standing you are more likely to move, The ideal is to combine this habit with others that help you even more. So if you need something extra, or there are days when you may not have time to go do some sport, you can resort to this trick and know that at least you have burned something else and your muscles have had to work on something. compared to sitting. Every little gesture counts, even the ones that go unnoticed.

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