‘That’s a flop’: Hall of Famer admits to dropping the ball with infamous WWE history

WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg recently agreed to take full responsibility for former Superstar Rusev’s infamous horrifying story.

Miro, the current AEW star, previously worked in WWE as Rusev. Essentially, he didn’t have an impressive career during his time at the Stamford-based corporation. However, the former United States Champion had an organic relationship with the fans, which riled the organization. World Wrestling Entertainment destroyed his personality by involving him in illogical fights.

‘Rusev Day’ has come and gone in WWE, with Rusev and the Aiden English alliance proving to be a significant draw in the organization. However, the creatives saw it differently, so the development was shut down.

Road Dogg, the head writer for SmackDown at the time, discussed Rusev’s earlier story on the Oh! you did not knowpodcast. The Hall of Famer confessed that he destroyed the story.

“The iron was hot. [But] To say that we did not go on strike is not true, because we wrote it. We wrote the Rusev Day segment that started it all. We wrote it in a way so that it was a thing. And when it became one, we just didn’t carry on with it. Look, that’s a flop, but it’s just a creative flop in professional wrestling,” Dogg said. [H/T – Ringside News]

WWE executive Road Dogg was disappointed with Twitter’s removal of his blue brand.

He 53 years You’re upset with Twitter for removing the blue checkmark from your profile. Before Elon Musk bought the social network, celebrities could get a blue check mark to help fans distinguish between legitimate and fake profiles.

To get a blue tick, you need to verify that the account belongs to the celebrity in question. However, after Elon took over, anyone can get a blue checkmark on the platform by paying for a membership.

While others have paid for their blue ticks, WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg recently appealed to Twitter to express his anger at losing his verified status on the social network.

“How come I don’t have a blue check anymore? You know what, never mind!!” he wrote.

Check out his tweet below:

How come I don’t have a blue check anymore? You know what, it doesn’t matter!!

It will be exciting to see what the 53-year-old legend brings to the creative table in the near future.

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