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One of ted lasso‘s greatest mysteries have finally been solved. He AppleTV+ just revealed the origin story of Ted’s (Jason Sudeikis) iconic mustache. Did Ted grow it in honor of his beloved father? Actually, Ted reveals in ted lasso Season 3, Episode 7, “The Strings That Bind Us,” who didn’t stumble upon the mustache until Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) staged a last-minute intervention before the wedding to get rid of Ted’s mustache. goatee. As Ted says, he was inspired by the facial hair on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour… only he started with the wrong point of inspiration before landing on “Foxworthy.”

ted lasso Season 3 Episode 7, “The Strings That Bind Us,” follows AFC Richmond after their stay in Amsterdam last week. There, Ted went into a BBQ sauce-inspired fugue state where he inadvertently stumbled upon the classic Dutch Total Football strategy. This week, Ted tells the team that they are switching to this completely new style of play. While the training produces all sorts of hijinks, including an exercise in which a deranged Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) laughs after forcing players to connect with red threads tied to their penises, it doesn’t quite work from the start. When the boys try to play against rival team Arsenal using the new tactic, it doesn’t go well.

During halftime, Ted tries to cheer the players up by using a story from his own life to make a point. He chooses the story of how the mustache was made.

Roy (Brett Goldstein), Ted (Jason Sudeikis) and Beard (Brendan Hunt) in Ted Lasso 307
Photo: Apple TV+

“I remember the early days of my coaching career, feeling compelled to express my individuality. Since I was a straight guy in Central America who worked in sports and was scared of tattooing needles, the only real option to do it was through my facial hair,” Ted says, before adding: “Obviously I couldn’t grow it out. a beard. otherwise coach [Beard] and me here, uh, I would look like a ZZ Top cover band.

Ted explains that he turned to the four comedians on the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, who possessed the four most common types of male facial hair between them. There was Ted’s favorite comedian, clean-shaven Ron White, Larry the Cable Guy’s “big bushy goatee”, Bill Engvall’s “smaller” and “more manicured” goatee and Jeff Foxworthy’s classic mustache.

“I went ahead and rolled the dice and grew one of those big bushy Cable Guy goatees,” says Ted. “And I thought he looked great on me. Until Coach Beard pulled me aside, just as he was about to walk down the hall, and he said something I needed to hear. Do you remember what you told me?

“Your goatee makes you look like you ate Bigfoot’s ass,” says Beard, recalling his brutal advice. Roy, to his horror, quips, “Making it gross.”

“However, the coach was right. It’s not a good look. Not on this face,” Ted says. “So I shaved that pup down to a Foxworthy and never looked back.”

Ted tells this story to teach players that sometimes “the right idea is behind a couple of wrong ideas.” In the context of the episode, the team is right to pursue a “total football” strategy, but they need Jamie Tartt (Phil Dunster) to point out that they should start playing “through” and not “for” him. This change in perspective helps AFC Richmond score a goal in the second half.

So there you have it: Ted wanted to express himself in a heteronormative way in Central America, so he donned his Blue Collar Comedy Club facial hair before landing on his trademark mustache.

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