Surprising Details You Might Have Missed In The ‘Sex And The City’ Movies

In “Sex and the City 2”, the girls are seen arriving at the Marrakech airport in Morocco, not the Abu Dhabi international airport. In fact, all the Abu Dhabi scenes were shot in Morocco.

A scene from “Sex and the City 2”.

New Line Cinema/HBO

While signage around the airport claims that the four girls landed in Abu Dhabi, the airport is actually the Marrakech airport in Morocco. In fact, all of the scenes set in Abu Dhabi were filmed in Morocco after the authorities refused the production company’s request to film there due to the film’s obscene premise and title.

“The idea of ​​sex and these liberated women being filmed there was a little too progressive for… where they are now,” King said at the time, according to the outlet. Los Angeles Times. “There were some amazing benefits [to Morocco] in which we were not monitored. There wasn’t a big watchful eye on the girls in terms of editing or censorship.”

“The other thing was that we were able to film in the dunes where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed,” King added.

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