Support academic research for the interest of society, Don Tasks Govt

University professor and public affairs analyst, Dr. Gbadebo Akindele has advised the government at all levels to devote more funds to advancing cutting-edge research in the interest of society.

Akindele, who recently obtained a PhD in business administration from Ekiti State University (EKSU), Ado-Ekiti, noted that important research requires a lot of capital and the government must be ready to invest in this aspect for the advancement of the education of the nation. sector.

He explained that for the country and the state to survive their many challenges ranging from security and the economy, academics must be empowered to conduct academic research to find practical solutions to problems.

The analyst also advocated for the introduction of laws that would force organizations to disclose relevant data to academic researchers to improve accurate and credible investigative work.

He said: “I think the federal government and the state government should sponsor some of this research because it involves a lot of money. Carrying and searching data alone is expensive.

“The government should be able to tell some of these blue chip companies to help researchers with their data. Most companies try to keep their logs away because they think it will expose them to their competitors.

“The government should be able to create a law that requires the disclosure of data/information from companies to researchers. It will be able to guide them and even help the Government in its decision-making”.

He discussed the importance of his research topic titled “Celebrity Endorsements, Consumer Purchase Intent, and Product Market Performance of Brewers in Lagos, Nigeria.” Akindele said he would help companies engage the right celebrities to market their products.

According to him, it would create confidence in the products and allow consumers to make the right decisions.

“My research topic will help humanity; It will guide decision making for these blue chip companies, the government and policy makers. It will help the consumer to be able to make the right celebrity for the products.

“If some of these celebrities are not trustworthy, it will be counterproductive for that particular product because the product they serve as ambassadors for will be drastically reduced and market share will be reduced,” he said.


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