Street Fighter 6’s max-level AI is giving the pros a run for their money

street fighter 6 The AI ​​opponents don’t mince words, and they’re inflicting serious pain on seasoned fighting game pros.

He The demo of the next Capcom fighter is now available on all platforms, and that has given many content creators and highly rated players the opportunity to try the game out. Although the demo is fairly basic (only two characters, Ryu and Luke, are available for players to learn), it does offer the ability to play against AI opponents.

CPU opponents in Street Fighter 6 have eight different levels difficult to choose. Most of those levels aren’t that challenging, even for newcomers. But a quick look at the Street Fighter 6 related content on YouTube shows that many of the biggest creators and players in the fighting game community are having a great time taking on the game’s Tier 8 CPUs, specifically Ryu.

Numerous videos, like this one from the popular fighting game content creator. Maximilian Dood West of jmcroftsshows just how tough Street Fighter 6’s max level CPUs can be. They seem to predict every jump and throw, and have no problem pulling off extremely optimal combos that can wipe out half your opponent’s health bar in the blink of an eye. of eyes.

“AI is taking over so many aspects of our lives these days, but I refuse to let the bots win,” says jmcrofts at the beginning of his video titled “Fighting Game AI Has Too Far.” He then proceeds to get hit over and over again, even going so far as to implement a running kill counter. When he finally wins a round, he is immediately slaughtered in the next round, as if the AI ​​wanted to give him hope, only to make it even more painful when that hope is taken from him.

Even the pros, like Street Fighter legend and multiple EVO champion Daigo, seem to be having a tough time. TO video of him fighting level 8-CPU Ryu makes him exclaim “it’s so good!” and “he’s amazing!” while he lost round after round. At one point, he goes so far as to say that the CPU is “definitely cheating” and that the way the CPU pushes the buttons is “divine”.

Street Fighter 6 arrives on June 2 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. The latest installment in the historic fighting game franchise will include cross platform play and rollback netcodenext to a robust single player mode called World Tour where players can create a custom character, level up, and learn signature moves from characters like Ryu and Chun-Li. Street Fighter 6’s first wave of DLC will introduce additional characters like Rashid and Akuma over the course of the next year.

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