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‘In case anyone was wondering’: Steph Curry reveals she only made two of five full-court shots in fake viral video

Steph Curry decided to clarify how many full-court shots he took in the fake video that went viral.

The clip, captured by director Ari Fararooy, showed the Golden State Warriors superstar nailing an incredible five shots from across the court, but the ludicrous nature of the footage raised questions about its authenticity.

The reigning NBA champions confirmed to that the video was fake on Monday and now Curry has shed light on the footage.

“However, I did do two of them, in case anyone was wondering,” he said Tuesday.

The video, which was posted on social media by Sport Illustrated, split the internet with fans undecided as to whether the clip was real.

Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry appeared to take multiple full-court shots in a video

Most social media users believed the clip was fake, but others claimed that if anyone could pull off the feat, it would be the four-time NBA champion.

One Tweet read: ‘But what if it’s real that just shows you how hot Steph is? It could be real. It’s that good!

Some social media users felt that only the two-time MVP could have made the feat possible.

“It has to be fake, but if there was a man who could do it, it would be that guy,” added another.

One more claimed that the star was “so unreal” that it made it difficult to decide if it was genuine.

Before it was confirmed to be fake, some fans insisted that the images were real.

One praised Curry’s skill as he said: ‘Here’s another Robot in the sport. Men like Dinho or Steph Curry just don’t fail.

Before it was confirmed to be fake, some fans insisted that the viral video was somehow real.

Another added: ‘This reminds me of those crazy old Nike commercials that looked real… except this is real. Somehow.’

“If it had been anyone else I might have called fake but it’s Steph we’re talking about here,” another claimed. ‘Ray Allen eats your heart out.’

The basketball clip was shot by the same director who filmed NFL star Tom Brady making a controversial hole-in-one earlier this year.


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