Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Photo Mode Will Let You Capture All Those Spooky Lightsaber Droid Dismemberments

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that a photo mode for the game will be available on launch day. You’ll be able to take some scenic snapshots of the alien planets Cal Kestis visits, take some photographic evidence of the Empire’s various war crimes, and create an album dedicated to showcasing your lightsaber skills.

Can probably take a photo when you reduce a BX battle droid‘s by the exact weight of his favorite leg, as Respawn revealed a mechanically gruesome dismemberment in a previous gameplay video.

To show off the potential of photo mode, Respawn tweeted out several images that its developers took in-game. Everything great about this mode is on display here, from capturing the scale of the fight against a Rancor, more intimate moments as Cal explores a forest, and some ultra-wide shots to show off the planets the Jedi knight visits in Fallen Order. continuation.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor and its photo mode will arrive on April 28 for PC, Xbox Series X | S and PS5. Physical copies of the game have been leaked. so watch out for spoilersand on PC the game weighs a staggering 155 GB in size. The owners of the physical version they have an extra download waiting for them also. The game also has a selection of accessibility optionsranging from four difficulty settings to shortcut controls that will make it easier to perform certain actions.

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