some restaurant owners put the lives of their customers at risk

A certain lady, with the Twitter handle @talk2veee, recently shared an eye-opening experience she had while trying to grind fresh tomatoes at the market.

According to her, she had bought a large quantity of tomatoes and peppers which she later took to a local mill where she discovered that some restaurant owners had been buying rotten produce at an alarmingly low price for their businesses.

She wrote:
I bought tomatoes and peppers in bulk, stopped to grind them, and made a discovery… I can’t accuse all restaurant owners of doing the same thing, but apparently some of them buy all these rotten tomatoes, peppers, and onions for ridiculously low prices.

“Then crush and mix with canned tomatoes. I was there for a while, a woman came with a bowl that has things that belonged to the garbage can. She instructed them to wash and shred.

Right away she left, the disposer kept saying “one dey chop up trash for restaurant sha, Na, so they dey buy come stay for here, can’t cut outside” The other lady told to wash them, kept hissing and complaining in her native language.

The rest in the black bowl, was what she could save because they were literally rotten. Why joke about what people eat? Does your profit margin increase?

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How some restaurant owners are putting their customers' lives at risk: OAP Vee recounts the experience

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