Socialite Jasmine Hartin pleads GUILTY to manslaughter in shooting –

Jasmine Hartin, the estranged partner of Lord Ashcroft’s son Andrew, pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the shooting of a Belize police chief, saying she wants the victim’s family “to have peace” after their “accidental” shooting “.

Hartin broke down in tears Tuesday as her statement was delivered to the Belize City Supreme Court, in which she admitted to the manslaughter of Henry Jemmott, the Daily Mail reported.

The defendant had been scheduled to go to trial for the manslaughter of Mr. Jemmott before she admitted her guilt.

Hartin, who was in a relationship with Andrew Ashcroft, said outside court following his admission: “I just want Henry’s family to have peace now and I want this all behind us so we can heal.”

According to Belize Channel 5 news, Hartin asked officials to indicate the sentence, and the judge noted that he was likely to receive a non-custodial sentence, which could be a fine or payment of compensation to the offender’s family. Mr Jemmott.

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Reports show Hartin broke down in tears after pleading guilty, following discussions with his lawyers who had asked for a last-minute postponement to consider his admission.

She is expected to be sentenced by the court on May 31.

The 33-year-old’s appearance in court was witnessed by Jemmott’s sisters and their daughter, who were waiting for the trial in his death to begin today.

Jemmott, a father of five, was shot in the head while having a late-night drink with Hartin near Ashcroft’s luxury hotel on the island of Ambergris Caye.

After Hartin’s plea, Jemmott’s family was left too upset by the dramatic turn of events and originally showed up to the hearing wearing T-shirts displaying the victim’s photographs.

In the lead up to the trial, Hartin gave a series of television interviews, noting how he had shot Mr. Jemmott, but by accident.

Hartin described the victim as a friend, who claimed the gun went off as she was trying to hand the gun over to him, only for a single bullet to accidentally break free and hit him in the head.

She claimed the weapon, a Glock 17, was for protection.

It came as the socialite said she feared officers were planning her murder after the case surfaced, describing Belize City police as “corrupt.”

The incident occurred in May 2021 and Hartin was reportedly held in custody after he had staged “hits” on Belize Police Commissioner Chester Williams and a family court magistrate.

She was cleared of these charges this week. In an earlier interview with the Daily Mail, Hartin said of her time in custody: “They approached me and said, you’re free to go. I went to walk through the front door and they said, no, no, no, go out the back door.

“I knew exactly what that meant. The police are notorious in Belize and it’s a trick they use. He is usually shot dead or re-arrested and charged with further charges for trying to escape.

“I said, not a chance in hell. I know exactly what they’re up to, they’ll shoot me in the back. They started laughing at me and said, you’re smart, Hartin.”

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