Sigourney Weaver Says The ‘Ship Has Sailed’ By Playing Ellen Ripley In Another ‘Alien’ Movie

  • Sigourney Weaver said she will not play Ellen Ripley again in another “Alien” movie.
  • She said she wanted to star in a planned Neill Blomkamp film, but they “couldn’t do that”.
  • Weaver last played Ripley in “Alien Resurrection” in 1997.

When it comes to iconic movie heroines, Ellen Ripley by Sigourney Weaver stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Ripley first made her way through space in “Alien” from 1979 which saw her try to stay alive while being chased by the terrifying Xenomorph.

Later, Weaver would step back into Ripley’s boots to “Aliens”, “Alien 3” and “Alien Resurrection” and at one point was slated to reprise the role in a Neill Blomkamp-directed sequel in 2015 that never came to fruition.

Speaking to Total Film magazine (via game radar), Weaver said that she left the role and will not play Ripley again in the future.

“There are all kinds of young actors taking this kind of role,” he said. “And there was an ‘Alien’ that I really wanted to do with Neill Blomkamp and we couldn’t do that, but, you know, that ship has sailed. I’m very happy to do what I’m doing. I put my time in space.” .

Weaver also praised original “Alien” director Ridley Scott and writer Dan O’Bannon for making Ripley such a formidable character in the first place.

She said, “They made Ripley a woman, without turning her into this helpless creature. Because I think I was very lucky. These were men who were creating this character of a woman, but they liked and respected strong women.”

Blomkamp’s “Alien 5” would have taken the character in a surprising direction by ignoring the events of “Alien 3” and associating Ripley with Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Michael Biehn).

Concept artist Geoffroy Thoorens also showed off a variety of interesting designs he created for the film on Instagram, showing Ripley in Xenomorph-inspired armoras well as someone being attacked by a new Xenomorph snake-like creature.

Unfortunately, Ridley Scott confirmed to AlloCiné in 2017 that Fox had canceled the film.

“There was never a script. It was an idea that evolved from, I think, a 10-page pitch, and I was meant to be the producer of that. And it didn’t evolve. Fox decided they didn’t want to do it and that was it.” said.

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